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We Guarantee the Authenticity of What You Buy

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Buyer Protection Guarantee

Seller ID Verification

Mandatory ID verification for sellers ensures a secure buying and selling process on GEMGEM.

Item Detail Verification by Our Professional Team

Our experts rigorously verify all item details before listing to guarantee authenticity and quality.

IGI Authentication Before Delivery

All items undergo IGI authentication before delivery, ensuring you receive a genuine product.

Customize Your Experience

At GEMGEM, customization is easy and expertly crafted to enhance your jewellery experience.

Refurbish Your Jewelry
Refurbish Your Jewellery

Revitalize your pieces with our refurbishment service. Our experts restore brilliance and longevity, ensuring your jewellery shines like new.

Refurbish Your Jewelry

Achieve the perfect fit with our re-sizing service. Tailor your jewellery to your specifications for comfort and style. Elevate every moment with pieces that complement and fit flawlessly.

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GEMGEM Buying Journey:

A Seamless 5-Steps Process

Want to sell your pre-owned jewellery and get paid instantly? Our standard process may take a few days, but if you are looking for immediate cash, we have the perfect solution. We'll buy your jewellery directly!

Browse our marketplace

Explore the GEMGEM marketplace and pick your favourite pieces.

Make the purchase with our addon service

Love a piece but what a better deal? Negotiate directly with the seller by sending your counteroffer. It's your chance to find the perfect price.

IGI Authentication

Once the price is settled, secure your favourite piece by placing an order! Provide basic information and complete the payment.

Service centre for refurbish and re-size

Your order goes to the IGI lab for a thorough authenticity check. In order to ensure your ordered item is genuine and of the highest quality.

Deliver to your hands

IF your gem passes the test, we swiftly ship it to you. If not, we'll discuss whether you'd still like to make the purchase.


Why IGI?

International Gemologically Institute

GEMGEM, committed to trust in the Jewellery-buying journey, relies on the renowned International Gemological Institute(IGI). As the world largest independent laboratory for diamonds, gemstones, and Jewellery grading. IGI ensures a worry-free experiences through meticulous verification. Each piece undergoes security in designated IGI laboratories, guaranteeing 100% authenticity and conflict-free status for both buyers and sellers.

A Simple Process
How It Works
Order Placement
The seller receives an order from the buyer, marking the beginning of a seamless transaction.

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